Fall 2006


Congratulations to the following students for obtaining a perfect school report.  All superstars will be recognized and awarded a prize for doing an outstanding job at school.  Please read the teacher comments below on a few of our Superstars.


  Manoa Dojo Kaimuki Dojo Kaneohe Dojo

Joshua Basuel

Brad Kawano

Sierra Acoba

Megan Chang

Jane Krot

Gabrielle Aihara

Kevin Chevalier

Alyssa Lau

Nicole Aihara

Ryan Kunihisa

Michelle Parke

Jason Allenby

Matthew Kunimoto

Jasmine Reynolds

Shawn Arquero


Jocelyn Miyashiro

Rachel Uemoto

Hayden Fobel


Hikari Nakajima

Jayna-Lei Wakatake

Nicholas Garcia


Emilie Nakasone

Dylan Weber

Preston Kaluhiwa


Thomas Okamoto

Max Weber



Schyler Shinde




Samantha Shizuru




Jake Weber




Lonny Wysard



�Preston is an absolutely fantastic student.  He works hard, does all of his assignments on time, and is well behaved.  Thank you for working with all of your students on social improvements well as learning a new skill!�

 �Nicholas is very focused and is self-motivated.  He truly exemplifies the principles of Hawaii Shotokan Karate.�

 �Hayden is an outstanding student who puts forth a great amount of time and effort into his work.  He cooperates with his peers and helps those in need.�

 �Nicole � is a model student with leadership qualities!�

 �Hikari is doing a great job!�

�Jasmine is an exemplary student in my class.�

�Jasmine is a pleasure to teach!� 

�Brad is a delight to have in class!�

 Rachel is an �excellent student!�