Yellow and Blue Belt Exam January 20, 2018




8th kyu 9th kyu (cont'd.)
Ruby Datta Myra Pacubas
Genevieve Hao Peyton Choi
Michael Myers Paige Choi
Perry Valleriani Kylie Lahoe
Hawaiki Cotton Aparna Datta
Tayven Cho Matilda Colvin
  Parker Choi
Temp 8th kyu Christopher White
Dustin Hao Marcus Huang
9th kyu  Temp 9th kyu
James White  Liam Ng  
Reuben Chock Gabriel Arakaki
Byoung Joo Choi  
Ren Osawa 10th kyu
Michael Ng Jillian Nii 
Clark Huang Bryce Nii
Jodene Arakaki Abby Nii
  Kai Osawa

photos by Myles Ushio and Tracy Reynolds

Exam day!  Excitement fills the air!
Our evaluation team!
White belts show their STUFF!
Kai Osawa
Abby Nii
Jillian Nii
                                                           Your turn, yellow belts!

Liam Ng
Gabriel Arakaki
Parker Choi
Marcus Huang
Kylie Lahoe
                                                           Group 3 takes over!

Christopher White
Aparna Datta
Paige Choi
Peyton Choi
                                                                Adults -- YOUR TURN!

 Matilda Colvin
Myra Pacubas
Jodene Arakaki
Reuben Chock
BJ Choi
                                                               Intensity PLUS!

Clark Huang
Michael Ng
James White
Ren Osawa
                                               Strong finish from the blue belts!

Hawaiki Cotton
Tayven Cho
Dustin Hao
Ruby Datta
Genevieve Hao

Sensei gives the class a quick evaluation of their performance!

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