Yellow and Blue Belt Exam May 12, 2018




8th kyu Temp 8th kyu
Reuben Chock Christopher White
James White Marcus Huang
BJ Choi  
Michael Ng 9th kyu
Clark Huang Liam Ng
Myra Pacubas  
Peyton Choi 10th kyu
Aparna Datta Kelsey Sugai
Paige Choi Kent Yamamoto
Kylie Lahoe Erina Yokoyama
Parker Choi Po'aihala Yokoyama
Dustin Hao Ethan Wong

photos by Alan Reynolds and Randall Monaghan

Exam day is finally here!
Our white belts start the action!
Effort PLUS from our young beginners!
Liam Ng
Po'aihala Yokoyama
Ethan Wong
Kelsey Sugai
Erina Yokoyama
Kent Yamamoto
                                                           Our blue belts take over!

                                                       Focus and determination!

Parker Choi
Marcus Huang
Kylie Lahoe
Paige Choi
Aparna Datta
Dustin Hao
                                                                Group 2 -- YOUR TURN!

Christopher White
Peyton Choi
Myra Pacubas
Reuben Chock
                                                              Our parents take the stage!

BJ Choi
Clark Huang
Michael Ng
James White
                                                               5-step kumite




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