Green Belt Exam June 16, 2018



7th kyu                        
Ruby Datta
          And then there was ONE!  Of the eight members who signed the intent form,
just ONE felt confident and prepared enough to accept the challenge of this difficult
exam.  AND ... she was right!  Ruby Datta performed outstandingly in earning her
green belt and moving a step closer to her ultimate goal!!
          "The really neat thing about Ruby is that she trains every class as if she is
taking an exam!" stated Sensei.  "When you have that kind of work ethic, the exam
becomes just another training day!  Congratulations, Ruby!!  Keep up the great work!"

Photos by Myles Ushio and Eloise Aguiar

Exam day is here!

Ready and confident!

The action begins!

Ude Uke

Kizami Zuki


Kokutsu Dachi

Perfect Form!

Mae Geri Kekomi

Gyaku Zuki -- Mae Geri

Mawashi Geri

Yoko Geri

Stay focused, Ruby!

Heian Nidan

Heian Sandan

5-Step Kumite

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