Purple Belt Exam July 21, 2018



4th kyu  
Christian Tomita  
5th kyu  
Brielle Rola  


"The exam for purple belt requires an incredible amount of effort, commit-
ment, and preparation," stated Sensei.  "Those taking the exam must be in
top physical AND mental shape.  Our two candidates showed great effort,
and are now fully aware of needed improvements they must focus on to
prepare themselves for their next challenge!"

Photos by Alan Reynolds and Ray Ikeda

Ready for Action!

On the move!

Brielle Rola
Christian Tomita

Mae-Geri Kekomi
Heian Nidan
Heian Sandan 

Heian Yondan
Heian Godan 
Tekki Shodan 

1-Step Kumite

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