Purple Belt Exam March 7, 2020



4th kyu 5th kyu
Kelsey Sugai Rylynn Toyama
Temp 4th kyu Temp 5th kyu
James White
Paige Choi
Kylie Lahoe


"Although the effort and spirit were outstanding, there were many technique problems that need to be addressed before they can move on," stated Sensei.  Many have commented that the purple belt exam is the hardest exam of all, separating the "men" from the "boys", and it was obviously true!

Photos by Alan Reynolds

Ready for the challenge!

Group 1 starts the action!
Kylie Lahoe

Paige Choi
Rylynn Toyama
Group 2 takes the baton!

Kelsey Sugai
James White
Kumite/ Reflex

Thankful that it's over!
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