Yellow Belt Exam

Sept 22, 2021




10th kyu
Daniel Stephens
Christine Stephens
Grace Stephens

CONGRATULATIONS to the Stephens family, our most recent yellow belt graduates! This family impressed Sensei and ALL the Senpais during their exam, displaying a fierce determination and spirit -- a MUST to be successful in this martial art.  "HSK has been on an amazing streak with our white belt classes!" exclaimed Sensei.  "Our last three beginners classes have been AWESOME, each more intense and spirited than the one before!  Our older and more experienced students have been put on notice -- "a new sheriff is in town!  WORK HARD OR GET LEFT BEHIND!!!" 

HSK wishes our new yellow belts and all our Ohana the best in their quest for growth and excellence in this most difficult art of Shotokan Karate.

Grace Stephens

Christine Stephens

Dan Stephens

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