Yellow Belt Exam

Sept 17, 2022




10th kyu
Travis Palmeira Kevin Baker
Linda Martini Malissa Iida-Takashima
Cathleen Hutchins Elsa Enomoto
Valeria Kaopuiki Tara Miyamoto
Olivia Fleming Kaila Matsuwaki
**Rynn Toyama Colton China
Chance Palmeira Ellie Hokutan
Ethan Baker Everett Fleming
Dylan Nguyen Marcus Takashima

Temp 10th kyu
Emily Baker

** Commended for outstanding kiai and effort!

CONGRATULATIONS to our new beginners, who have just earned their yellow belts!  Your Senpais have been raving about this group, stating that they are the best we have had in a LONG time, and SENSEI AGREES!!!  "The ONLY way to appreciate this art to its fullest is to train regularly and with passion, and most of this group does both!" exclaimed Sensei.  "My hope is that they continue this difficult journey to reap the incredible benefits that await them!"

Sensei also congratulated Rynn Toyama for his outstanding kiai and effort, stating that no one even came close to his performance.  KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, RYNN!!!

Ready to give it their ALL!!!
Senpais ready to be IMPRESSED!
Emily Baker

Marcus Takashima 
Dylan Nguyen
Everett Fleming 
Ethan Baker 
Ellie Hokutan
Chance Palmeira
Colton China
Rynn Toyama

Kaila Matsuwaki
Olivia Fleming
Tara Miyamoto
Valeria Kaopuiki
Elsa Enomoto
Cathleen Hutchins
Malissa Iida-Takashima
Linda Martini
Kevin Baker
Travis Palmeira
5-Step Kumite
Sensei commends our beginners for a job well-done!!!

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