Blue Belt Exam

January 28, 2023




9th kyu 9th kyu (contd.) 
Travis Palmeira Cathleen Hutchins 
Kevin Baker Chance Palmeira 
Linda Martini Colton China  
Elsa Enomoto Rynn Toyama
Malissa Iida-Takashima Dylan Nguyen  
Tara Miyamoto Ethan Baker 
Valeria Kaopuiki    
Temp 9th kyu  
Marcus Takashima  
10th kyu  
Malcolm Kaopuiki  

Our outstanding yellow belt class performed as expected -- GREAT!!!  "There is so much potential in the focus and talent of this group, and probably the first time that our female "warriors" outshined their male counterparts!" exclaimed Sensei.  "I look forward to watching them grow and improve!"

Photos by:  Senpai Todd, Senpai Ann, and Rylynn Toyama
Our AWESOME beginners class!
Senpais set to evaluate
Group 1 Yellow belts show their stuff!
Malcolm Kaopuiki

Marcus Takashima

Dylan Nguyen

Ethan Baker

Group 2 takes the stage!

Colton China

Chance Palmeira

Rynn Toyama

Tara Miyamoto

Group 3 in ACTION! 
Elsa Enomoto

Malissa Iida-Takashima 

Valeria Kaopuiki

Cathleen Hutchins 


Group 4 adds the finishing touches!

Linda Martini

Kevin Baker
Travis Palmeira

5-Step Kumite

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