BEACH TRAINING  July 29, 2017

After a year's hiatus due to a hurricane threat, our annual beach training resumed on schedule with over 70 brave souls accepting the challenge. Even more impressive was the number of white, yellow and blue belt members that showed up, even if it was not required!  Great training, awesome company and a delicious breakfast!!  What a great way to spend your Saturday!

A thousand thanks again to our wonderful meal coordinator, Cheryl Chow, and to our awesome volunteers who helped whip up the scrumptuous breakfast we so enjoyed!  You guys are the BEST!!

Photos by Aren Kaneshiro and Ellen Dieter

Our spirited HSK Ohana -- tired, wet, and HAPPY!
(click on picture for larger view) 

What better way to wake the body up!

Good morning and ... OSU!!!

Let's wake that body UP!

Watch that sand!

YUP!  Push-ups in the sand!

Ahh!  Now we can cool off!

Aww, c'mon Susan!  It's not THAT bad!!

Now THAT'S funny!!!

It's either getting deeper .... or I'm getting shorter!

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