HSK BLOOD DRIVE - February 19, 2018

THE HSK CARING AND SHARING LEGACY CONTINUES!!!  Yet another outstanding blood drive event to check off our list.  At last count, 24 pints were collected from our giving HSK Ohana, saving up to 72 lives! Those who could not donate blood brought goodies for our brave donors, and many did BOTH!!  "Those who made the effort to donate were rewarded by an amazing dessert created by our very own Ruby Datta," stated Sensei.  "Special thanks go to Senpai Myles Ushio, Darren Iwamoto and Amanda Lippert for their time on the apheresis machine.  Also, a special "spirit" hurrah to Cassie Romero who kept trying to donate but was finally told not to try any more!  Thanks Cassie!  We love your effort!


A reminder that you will be eligible to donate again in 8 weeks.  Those who were unable to donate this time, please try again as soon as possible.  It may not be as much fun without your Ohana, but you can take pride knowing that you are helping someone in need.  Please designate your donation for Hawaii Shotokan Karate, and let Sensei know if you are successful so that your name can be added to our list of donors. YOU ARE AWESOME, HSK!

*Aguiar, Eloise China, Kristi
*China, Todd Chock, Reuben
*Choy, Mel Del Rosario, Dean
*Dote, Karen  *Ikeda, Ray
Iwamoto, Darren Iwamoto, Reyna
*Lau, Cliff Lima, Ululani
Lippert, Amanda *Oda, Ann
Pacubas, Myra Payanal, Crystal
*Reynolds, Alan *Reynolds, Tracy
Sekiguchi, Alan Takashima, David
Teruya, Edward Tokioka, Abe
*Toyama, Remy *Ushio, Myles

* designates HSK Senpai 

Our AMAZING Ohana!

Sensei and your Senpais lead by example!

Senpai Mel

Senpai Cliff

Senpai Myles

Senpai Ray



Divine Grinds!

Ruby's scrumptuous reward for our donors!




Senpais Ann and Tracy enjoy the treats!

Enjoying the company!

Senpai Alan

Senpai Tracy




Always happy to help!

Enjoying time off of their feet!

Senpai Karen

Senpai Remy


Senpai Ann



Them TOO!

Senpai Todd



Senpai Eloise

Cassie -- our "spirit" award winner!

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