35th Anniversary Event -- Hike/Picnic!  May 27, 2018

HSK's second 35th anniversary event was a BLAST!!!  Nearly 60 of our Ohana participated in an invigorating and heart-pumping hike, followed by a restful and relaxing picnic.  The weather was PERFECT (cloud cover and a nice, cool breeze), the views were AMAZING, and the company was AWESOME!!!  What an incredible HSK family event!

Take a look at the following photos to experience the beauty this island has to offer, and the fun and excitement enjoyed by all in attendance.  Then, scold yourself for NOT being there with us!  By the way, Aunty Ruby already asked me, "So, Sensei!  When is our NEXT anniversary event?"

photos by Clifford Lau, Alan Reynolds, and Todd China

                                          7 am and ready to GO!

                                   HSK's very capable security team!

                               Oahu's mesmerizing eastern shoreline!

Almost there!

Time for a break!

Eastern shoreline and Koko Head crater from the back!

The Boys!  Uh-oh -- SOMEONE is not enjoying this!!!

Koko Head crater

Fun for young and "old!"

Time to catch your breath, Paige!

Striking stone formation!

The girls!  Of course, Amber has to be different!

Aunty Gen and Aunty Ruby -- training partners!

Beautiful view of Kaneohe!

Fun at the top!

Nice day for a stroll!

That's right, Ciena!  Two horns are NOT enough!!

The natural beauty of Waimanalo and Sea Life Park!

HSK stragglers at the top!

HSK's Senpais pause for a photo on top!

Beautiful star-shaped flowers along the way!

A great view of Rabbit Island and Bird Island with Kaneohe in the back!

Boy, am I hungry!

Give those legs a rest!

Yum!  Time to Grind!!

Relaxing and recuperating at Koko Head District Park!

So much fun playing together!

Hey!  That popsicle belongs IN the mouth!!!

Koko Head hiking trail -- busy ALL day!

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