BEACH TRAINING  July 14, 2018

Great training, awesome company and a delicious breakfast!!  What a perfect way to start your day!  Nearly 80 people showed up (some at 3:45 am!!!) to celebrate our 35th annual beach training at Ala Moana park -- some to set up, some to prepare the breakfast, some to train, and some to do ALL THREE!!!

A million thanks to our wonderful meal coordinators, Cheryl Chow and Carolyn Ikeda, and to our awesome volunteers who helped whip up the scrumptuous breakfast we so enjoyed!  Special thanks to Annette Wong for baking the delicious banana bread, to Ruby and Aparna Datta for the wonderful cupcakes and macarons, and Austin Romero for the yummy chocolate chip cookies!!!  You guys are the BEST!!

Photos by Paula Sekiguchi, Sandy & Aren Kaneshiro, Myles Ushio, and Matt Tanaka

Our spirited HSK Ohana -- tired, wet, and HAPPY!

What better way to wake the body up!

Good morning and ... OSU!!!

Loosen those muscles up!

Push-ups?  But, OF COURSE!

Watch that sand!

Thanks, Matt!  Great photo!!

Heian Nidan

Heian Sandan

Heian Godan

Tekki Shodan

Bassai Dai


5-Step Kumite

Still Smiling!

Matt -- our paddle-board photographer!

Sensei ...

... In ...

... Action! ...

Another GREAT beach-training ...

... comes to ...

... a close! ...


Time to GRIND!

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