CLUB PARTY  September 29, 2018

Amazing pupus, fun games and activities for our keiki, a yummy dinner buffet, a year-in-a-capsule slideshow during dinner, an amazing 35th anniversary cake created by master baker Ruby Datta, outstanding demos put on by our awesome students and Senpais, and some dancing at the end to burn off those extra calories -- what a PERFECT way to celebrate HSK's landmark event!  As if that wasn't enough excitement, Sensei was presented with a 1001 golden crane design of our club mon by daughter Remy and the group she refers to as "Sensei's Angels", better known as Ann, Cassie, Karen, Susan, and Reyna.  Whoever has the dubious honor to plan next year's party will be hard-pressed to top this one!!!

Many thanks to those who brought and shared their favorite pupus and desserts. A  special "OSU!" and "MAHALO!" to Ruby for her beautifully designed "GI" cake.  Undying gratitude to "Cassie's Corp" for always being willing to step up to the plate for the sake of HSK and me!  Thanks also to Senpais Tracy Reynolds and Eloise Aguiar for creating those gorgeous centerpieces to adorn our tables, Senpai Cliff for programming and running the on-line auction, and to the countless others who contributed to make this a truly wonderful experience for ALL!!!

Be sure to check out videos at the end!!!

Photos by: Myles Ushio, Alan Reynolds, Mel Choy, and Rylan Sekiguchi
Video by:  Eloise Aguiar

             Ruby's creation!  Check out the texture of the collar and belt!

                      Beautiful Centerpieces by Senpais Tracy and Eloise!

Thank them when ...

... you
see them!

                                   Our check-in table greets guests with a smile!

Hmmm!  This looks interesting!!

Focus, Rynn -- Fo...cus!

Tatoo, too?

Shhh! Artist at work!

Guess Who????

Ahhh!  Nice and cozy!

The Oda Family

The Choi Family

The Reynolds Family

The Araki Family

The Kaneshiro Family

The Romero Family

The Rola Family

Christine and Crystal

The Mitsuhashi/Chow Family

The Poentis Family

The Takashima Family

The Aguiar/Monaghan Family

The Tomita Family

The Grant Family

The Iwamoto Family

The Dote Family

The Masunaga Family

The Matsumoto Family

The Sugai Family

The Lahoe Family

The Oshiro Family

The Lippert Family

The Ng Family

Mel and Ellen

The Datta Family

Anh and Rylan

Tae, Sandi, and Myra

The Yamamoto  Family

The White Family

The China Family

The Cho  Family

The McCrary Family

The Tanaka Family

The Toyama Family

The Shigeoka  Family

Sensei and Aunty Paula

Sensei and Clan!

Time to GRIND!!!

Surprise Gift from "Sensei's Angels"!!!

Senpais Todd and Randall -- Self Defense!

Our youngsters -- Heian 2 with Application!

Our young ladies -- Music Kata!

Self Defense

Kata Application

Music Kata

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