FOOD DRIVE  April 13, 2019

HSK, YOU ARE AMAZING!!!  Once again, you have answered the call for help to our annual Hawaii Food Bank drive, donating a record-breaking $4300 at Restaurant Row!  HSK's 6-year support of the Food Bank now totals  $20,700!!!  Entertainer Karen Keawehawaii, whose two daughters trained with HSK, always has kind words and shares fond memories with HSK when we present our check.  "Our HSK Ohana is a super group of people who are continually ready and willing to help our community through the Hawaii Food Bank, the Blood Bank of Hawaii, and other worthwhile causes.  I am humbled and honored to call them MY Ohana!"  stated Sensei.

Our "super donors" (red plus) were awarded an HSK training bag by Sensei for their outstanding generosity!  See the list of donors below.

photos by Myles Ushio and Remy Toyama, video by Remy

Our group poses for a picture at Waterfront Plaza with the $4300 donation check made possible by our generous and caring HSK Ohana.  LOVE YOU TO BITS, HSK!!!

Senpais Alan Reynolds and Myles Ushio with Rynn Toyama showing off
HSK's flashy check to the Hawaii Food Bank!

Karen Keawehawaii and Michael W. Perry greet our HSK gang, and reminisce when her two daughters trained with HSK!

Sweetie Pacarro interviews Senpai Alan, as Rynn shares the spotlight!

Our amazing group poses with Hawaii Food Bank and KSSK officials!
       HSK's SUPER DONORS!!!  Please thank them!

Senpai Ann Oda -- $300!

Senpai Todd -- $250!

Senpais Tracy and Alan -- $250!

Matthew Matsumoto -- $200

Aparna Datta -- $200

Austin Romero -- $137!

Alex Oda -- $107!

ALWAYS HAPPY TO HELP!!!  Members of our super HSK Ohana
smile proudly, knowing they made a difference
in the lives of those less fortunate!
* HSK Senpai            + Super Donor
+*Ann Oda $300 +*Alan, *Tracy Reynolds $250
+*Todd China $250 +Matt Matsumoto $200
*Ray Ikeda $200 *Clifford/Gayle Lau $150
Alan/Paula Sekiguchi $150 *Remy/Rynn Toyama $100
*Kevin Ichiriu $100 *Scott Oshiro $100
*Myles Ushio $100 *Aguiar/*Monaghan $100
*Mel Choy $100 Annette Wong $100
Reuben Chock $100 Sandi Kanemori $100
Myles Nakamura $100 David Takashima $100
Steven/Gage Lee $100 Michael Ng $100
Myra Pacubas $100 Genevieve Hao family $95
*Cassie Romero family $50 *Susan Sawai $50
Ruby Datta $45 Christine Hanohano $40
James White family $35 Nelson Oshiro family $30
Sugai, Kelsey $25 Dawn Pang $20
*Zz Riford $20 Cynthia Shiroma $20
Kent/Holly Yamamoto $20 Erina/Po'aihala Yokoyama $15
+Aparna Datta $200 +Austin Romero $137
+Alex Oda $107 Micah & Aven Kim $100
Ereyn Iwamoto $60 Rylynn Toyama $50
Liam Ng $50 Kaia Chang $40
Yamato Shiota $20 *Ciena Swafford $15
Angelina Zhang $15 Rianna Zhang $15
Greg Lippert $10 Mae Matsumoto $10
Maya Matsumoto $10 Brent Takashima $10
Andrew Wong $5 Jiangshuo Chen $2
Ian Yamamoto $1.37 Brooke Yamamoto $1.21

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