HSK BLOOD DRIVE - September 2, 2019

"HSK ALWAYS pulls through!" exclaimed Sensei! "We ended up donating 30 pints of blood!"  Those who could not donate blood brought goodies, and many did BOTH!!  Many thanks to first-time donors Ciena Swafford and Jasmine Uahinui for taking that HUGE step toward HSK's continued commitment of service to others!


Last year our HSK Ohana donated 55 pints to the Blood Bank of Hawaii.  This year we collected 59 pints in our two annual drives.  "Our HSK Ohana is a very special group of generous and caring people who sincerely want to make a positive impact on our community," stated Sensei.


A reminder that you will be eligible to donate again in 8 weeks.  Those who were unable to donate this time, please try again as soon as possible.  It may not be as much fun without your Ohana, but you can take pride in knowing that you are helping someone in need.  Please designate your donation for Hawaii Shotokan Karate, and let Sensei know if you are successful so that your name can be added to our list of donors. YOU ARE AWESOME, HSK!

Boivin, Joseph *China, Todd
China, Kristi Chock, Reuben
Choi, Byoung Joo *Choy, Mel
Dote, Karen *Ichiriu, Kevin
*Ikeda, Ray *Lau, Cliff
Lippert, Amanda Ng, Michael
Oda, Alex Oda, Ann
Oshiro, Nelson *Oshiro, Scott
Pacubas, Myra *Reynolds, Alan
*Reynolds, Tracy Riford, Zz
Romero, Ramon Sekiguchi, Alan
**Swafford, Ciena Swafford, Jeff
Takashima, David Teruya, Ed
Toyama, Michael *Toyama, Remy
Uahinui, Erica **Uahinui, Jasmine

* designates HSK Senpai 

* *designates 1st time donor!

The Blood Bank of Hawaii greets our amazing Ohana!

Our spirited group gathers for picture-taking!

Sensei shows by example that he is the first one to donate!

Senpai Alan starts the Senpai line-up!

Senpai Cliff

Senpai Kevin

Senpai Mel

Senpai Ray

Senpai Todd

Senpai Scott

Senpai Tracy

Senpai Remy

Mike Toyama

Alex Oda

Ann Oda

BJ Choi

Reuben Chock

David Takashima

Joseph Boivin

Jasmine Uahinui -- 1st time donor!

Jeff Swafford

Mike Ng

Erica Uahinui

Taking a well-deserved break!

Zz Riford

Kristi China

Karen Dote

Always ready to help!

Myra Pacubas

Amanda Lippert

Ciena Swafford -- 1st time donor!

Hangin' out and ready to GO!

Ramon Romero

Ed Teruya

Nelson Oshiro

Enjoying the company!



Entertaining themselves!

Great way to start your day!

Donating was a snap!  ... and what a REWARD!!!

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