FOOD DRIVE  November, 2020

"OUR HSK OHANA IS TRULY AMAZING!!!" exclaimed Sensei.  "Even through this difficult and most stressful year ... one that EVERYONE WANTS TO FORGET ... our Ohana continues to showcase the giving, caring, and sharing that has been our trademark for many years!"  Sensei is once again touched by the generosity of our Ohana in our quest to give back to our island community.   Many thanks to those who helped the less fortunate enjoy a brighter holiday season!  Our total amount was $2966.58 -- just short of $3000!!!  WAY TO GO, HSK!!!

HSK would like to give special thanks to SUPER DUPER DONOR  ANN ODA who donated $350, and SUPER DONOR families REYNOLDS (Senpais Alan and Tracy), and LAU (Senpai Cliff and Gayle) who each donated $300 to help the Hawaii Food Bank.  Please thank our super donors when you have the chance!!



HSK Holiday Donors (alphabetically)


Aguiar, Eloise Aguiar, Mary
Anonymous Asato, Dennis
Ayano, Keith China, Todd
Cho, Tayven Choy, Mel
Ikeda, Ray Lau, Cliff & Gayle
Monaghan, Randall Ng, Michael
Oda, Alex Oda, Ann
Oshiro, Scott Reynolds, Alan & Tracy
Romero, Cassie & family Sawai, Susan & Ciena
Sekiguchi, Alan & Paula Takashina, Brent
Takashima, David Takashima, Marcus
Tan, Anh & Rylan Sekiguchi Toyama, Remy & family
White, James & Jessica Yahiku, Sharon & Luke
Yonamine, Roy & family


SUPER DONORS -- Senpais Alan and Tracy Reynolds

SUPER DONORS -- Senpai Cliff and Gayle Lau

Susan, Ciena, and Jeff

The Romero Family

Senpai Eloise

Keith Ayano

Sharon and Luke

Senpai Ray and Family

Dennis Asato

James and Jessica

The Cho Family

Senpai Remy and the Toyama Family

The Takashima Family

Senpai Todd and Colton

The Yonamine Family

Senpai Randall

Senpai Mel and Ellen

Rylan and Anh

Senpai Scott and Family

Alex Oda

The Ng Family

Sensei and Aunty Paula

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