PICNIC August 16, 2014

        HSK's annual picnic proved to be yet another huge hit with our members, parents and friends.  Highlighted by our baked goods sale and yummy food items, all donated by our amazing HSK Ohana, our country store, silent auction, and HSK memorabilia booths gave everyone a chance at some great bargains!

        As bargain hunters swarmed inside, children and adults had a chance to burn off extra energy in races and games outside!   The outdoor highlight, as usual, was the balloon toss to see how wet they could get Sensei and the Senpais.


               YUMMY! -- baked good, bentos, spam musubi, fresh baked bread!


                         Country Store items -- you name it, we probably had it!


                                                            A fun time for all!


                                                      Watch it!  Don't drop it!


                                                        "Dang!  There it goes!"


                                         "Hey, this is NOT as easy as it looks!"


                                                               "Where's my ball?"


                                                          Shake that bootie!


                              Senpai Scott and Uncle Derek running the games




                                                                     Don't miss!


                                                    Where's the soap?


                                                 Uncle Glenn trying his luck!


                                          Aunty Gayle cheering on the boys!


                                                                  Go, girls, go!


                                                "We're going to win!  I can feel it!"


                                                             "Hey!  This is a breeze!"


                                                      Teamwork gets it done!


                                                                  Did he say "GO!"?


                                                        "3 against 2 -- GIRLS WIN!!"


                                             "No way are the girls beating us!"


                                             "Okay, we won!  Lean back and rest!"


                                                "We're losing it!  We're losing it!!"


                               "Focus!  Determination!  Hey, this is just like karate!"


                                                           "Stay still, dang it!"


                                                "Man, this is harder than karate!"


                                                            "Gotcha! ......... I think!"


                                                              Steeeeee.....rike 1!!!


                                                          Uh, oh!  Traffic jam!


                                            Wish they'd move as fast in karate!


                                                        The Joy of Childhood!


                                                "Gee!  I thought they liked me!"


                                                            Cool dance move!


                                                     Best block? -- no be there!


                                        "I see my life flashing in front of me!"


                                                          "Shall I eat this one?"


                            "Yuck!  Water!  That's it!  No bath for me tonight!"