Blood Drive September 1, 2014

In our continuing commitment to give back to our community, nearly 50 of HSK's family and friends participated to be part of our effort at the Young Street donor center on Labor Day.  HSK was able to donate almost 40 pints of blood!  Even more amazing -- more than 20 first time donors!  Bless you, HSK Ohana, for giving the gift of life!


                                        showing off their "badges of courage"


                                                                       Senpai Ray


                                                                            Senpai Cliff


                                                                    Senpai Alan




                                                                      Uncle Jeff


                                                                       Uncle Darren


                                                                   Uncle Raymond


                                                                        Uncle Dean


                                                                        Senpai Myles


                                                                         Uncle Kyle


                                                                        Uncle Todd


                                                                     Aunty Teresa


                                                                     Uncle Danford


                                                                     Senpai Kevin


                                                                  Uncle Matthew


                                                                        Uncle Todd


                                                                      Aunty Dana


                                                                    Aunty Patti


                                                    Socializing with the HSK Ohana


                                                                   Uncle Michael


                                                                   Aunty Reyna


                                                                       Senpai Scott


                                                                      Uncle Stacy


                                                                   Aunty Remy


                                                                          Senpai Eloise


                                                                    Aunty Jazmine


                                                                     Aunty Lilinoe


                                         "Hey, that was fun!  Let's do it again next week!"


                                                                       Uncle Brian


                                                                      Aunty Cindy


                                                                          Aunty Joy


                                                                     Aunty Deanna


                                                                   Uncle Nelson


                                                                    Senpai Mel


                                                                    Senpai Tracy


                                                                    Senpai Randall