JCCH OHANA FESTIVAL January 11, 2015

Nineteen of HSK's families and members put on a stunning demonstration at the annual

JCCH Ohana Festival.  HSK thought it quite appropriate to feature our training families in

this event.  Participating in the beginners group was the Oshiro family, with father Nelson,

mother Joy, son Landon and daughter Addison.  They were accompanied by Christian

Tomita.  The intermediate group consisted of the Swafford family, with father Jeff, mother

Susan, and daughter Ciena, the Iwamotos with mother Reyna and daughter Ereyn, and the

Romero family with mother Cassie and daughter Amber.  Our advanced group consisted

of Treyjan Oshiro, Emilie Nakasone, Christopher Silva, Alyssa Watanabe, Bubba Shea-Park,

and Landon Momohara.  Many thanks to these participants, and to Senpais Randall

Monaghan, Eloise Aguiar, Clifford Lau and Scott Oshiro for the time and effort spent

practicing and preparing for their awesome performance!



                OUR DEDICATED TEAM ... Smiling and ready to show their stuff!



                                 Senpais Eloise and Cliff leading the warm-up!


                                      Get those muscles ready for ACTION!


                                              Kihon by our beginners group!


                                                      Check out that focus!


                                           Kihon by our intermediate group!



                                     Check out the deadly side thrust kicks!


                                               Kihon by our advanced group!


                                                  Looking smart and sharp!


                                                       Beginners Kata - Saisho



                                           Intermediate Kata - Heian Nidan



                                               Advanced kata - Heian Yondan



                                                    Beginners kumite -- 5-step


                                                         Landon and Christian


                                                              Joy and Nelson


                                                   Intermediate kumite -- 3-step


                                                           Amber and Ciena


                                                            Cassie and Susan


                                                               Reyna and Jeff


                                                     Advanced kumite -- 1-step

                                             Bubba, Treyjan, Alyssa, and Emilie


                                                     Landon and Christopher


                                                  Senpai Scott -- Gojushiho Sho




                               CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB WELL DONE!