FOOD DRIVE  March, 2021

"'BLESSED' is the word that comes to mind when I think of my HSK Ohana and how they make me feel!" exclaimed Sensei.  "For one whole year our members and supporters have adapted to a difficult and scary situation and made drastic changes to their lives to be pono ... to do what is right for everyone.  The light at the end of this tunnel finally shines brighter and there is hope on the horizon!"


Last November we donated almost $3000 to cheer up the holiday season.  This year we collected a record-breaking $4360.93 in March to donate to the Hawaii Food Bank!  Many thanks to all who helped.  WAY TO GO, HSK!!!


Although we normally highlight the people who have made substantial donations, our "Super Donors" are not only very generous, they are quite shy and asked that I NOT give them special mention.  We respect their feelings. So, instead, we would like to feature our newest member to our HSK Ohana, beginner Emi Brown.  Emi  was chosen NOT because she gave a ton of money to our fundraiser, but because of the kind of person she is.  From the comments I received from ALL your Senpais, Emi is the "perfect student."  She comes to each practice ready to learn, has a great attitude, and gives 110% effort in all of her training sessions.  Oh, and yes, she DID donate to our fundraiser -- not just once, but TWICE!!!  Thank you, Emi!



HSK Food Bank Donors (alphabetically)
Aguiar, Eloise/ Monaghan, Randall Ayano, Keith
Brown, Emi China, Todd
Cho, Tayven Choy, Mel
Choy, Nick Dieter, Ellen
Dote, Brian & Family Ikeda, Ray
Iwamoto, Reyna & Family Lau, Cliff & Gayle
Ng, Mike Oda, Ann & Family
Oshiro, Scott Reynolds, Alan & Tracy
Romero, Cassie & Family Sagayadoro, Sharon & Luga,  Luke
Sawai, Susan & Ciena Sekiguchi, Alan & Paula
Takashima, Brent Takashima, David
Tan, Anh & Sekiguchi, Rylan Toyama, Remy & Family
Ushio, Myles White, James & Jessica
Wong, Beckey Wong, Liane & Albert
Yonamine, Roy & Family


White Family

Ciena and Susan Sawai

Senpai Scott and Family

Rylan Sekiguchi and Anh Tan

Yonamine Family

Wong Family

Oda Family

Senpais Tracy and Alan

Brian Dote Family

Sharon Sagayadoro and Luke

Romero Family

Iwamoto Family

Senpai Cliff and Family

David and Brent Takashima

Senpai Todd and Family

Tayven Cho

Senpai Remy and Family

Nick Choy

Senpai Ray and Family

Senpai Myles

Keith Ayano

Senpais Randall and Eloise

Senpai Mel and Ellen Dieter

Mike Ng and Family

Sensei and Aunty Paula

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