FOOD DRIVE  November, 2021

"Our HSK Ohana can be described in one word: AMAZING!" exclaimed Sensei.  "I started HSK's community-giving efforts over 8 years ago because I realized that our Ohana was ready, willing, and able to make a difference in the lives of Hawaii's people.  I was confident, and now completely convinced, that I made the right call.  I ask, and our incredibly AWESOME Ohana always delivers!!!  I am proud ... and HONORED to call this group my HSK FAMILY."


This past November we donated our biggest amount ever, over $5000 -- $5091.05 to be exact -- to the Hawaii FoodBank!!!  This amount eclipsed our previous record in March 2021 by more than $700! Many thanks to all who helped.  LOVE YOU GUYS TO BITS!!!


This was an unusual drive, as three donors chose to remain anonymous.  We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their generosity and support!!  We would like to recognize our "Super Donors" for this drive.  Special thanks and a BIG hug to Senpais Alan and Tracy Reynolds!  After being one of the first to donate, they were responsible for us breaking the $5K mark by being the last to donate and push us over the top!  OSU, SENPAIS FOR YOUR DEDICATION, GENEROSITY, AND SUPPORT!!!



HSK Food Bank Donors (alphabetically)
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Asato, Dennis
Brown, Emi China, Todd
Choy, Alex Choy, Mel
Choy, Nick Choy, Tom
Dieter, Ellen Ikeda, Ray
Iwamoto, Reyna & Family Lau, Cliff & Gayle
McFatridge, Faith & Family Ng, Mike
Oda, Ann & Family Oshiro, Courtney
Oshiro, Scott Oshiro, Treyjan
Reynolds, Alan & Tracy Romero, Ramon & Cassie
Sawai, Susan & Family Sekiguchi, Alan & Paula
Solomon, Christina Stephens, Christine
Stephens, Daniel Takashima, Brent
Takashima, David Tan, Anh & Sekiguchi, Rylan
Toma, Jacqueline Toyama, Remy & Family
White, James Yonamine, Allison & Family

SUPER DONORS -- Senpais Alan and Tracy Reynolds

Yonamine Family

James White and Family

Senpai Todd and Family

Tahj McFatridge and Aunty Jennifer

Stephens Family

Jaqueliine Toma

Senpai Scott, Courtney, and Treyjan Oshiro

Anh Tan and Rylan Sekiguchi

Romero Family

Iwamoto Family

Senpai Remy and Family

Senpai Ray and Family

Ann Oda and Family

Mike Ng and Family

Senpai Mel and Ellen Dieter

Emi Brown

Tom, Nick, and Alex Choy with Christine Solomon

Dennis Asato and Family

Sensei and Aunty Paula

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