HSK Christmas Party - December 3, 2022

MERRY CHRISTMAS, HSK!!!  Welcome to our very first Christmas party in THREE years, AND the first one at MJLS!!  And what a party it was! Thanks to Cassie's Corps, our HSK Ohana and families experienced craft activities, a dress-up photo booth, exciting children's games, and a super hilarious "Stuff the Senpai" event, capped off by a visit from Santa with gift exchange!   Be sure to thank aunties Cassie, Susan, Gayle, and Senpai Remy, and uncles Ramon, James, and Ryan for their efforts in making this an event to remember!  What started out as a snacks and sweets affair ended up as a full-blown potluck meal -- complete with an "HSK" apple pie created by our very own Linda!!!  Many thanks for the love and generosity from our AMAZING HSK OHANA!!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Photos by Ryan Kunishisa,, Todd China, and Cliff Lau

Our friendly Senpais (Ramon, Susan, and Gayle) welcome our guests!

Our craft table helpers ready for action!

Masterpieces by Chance ...

... and Rynn!

Senpai Scott and family with Aunty Paula

Jessica, CJ, and Rylynn show off their artwork!

"Hmm.  What shall I draw?"

Artist at work!

Senpai Ramon takes a bite!

Chance and dad Travis enjoying themselves!

Uncle James and family!

Senpai Ryan takes a break!

Senpai Todd with Olivia

Aunty Linda's awesome HSK pie!

1, 2, 3 ... BITE!

Photo Booth Treasures!!



Musical Chairs -- a group FAVORITE!!!

Who won?

Senpai Ciena -- are you OK? ...

... Ah, it's just a GAME!!!

Santa Stuff!



"Power" noodles from Uncle James!

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