FOOD DRIVE  November, 2022

"Another outstanding drive for the Hawaii FoodBank!" exclaimed Sensei.  "I am continually amazed at the incredible generosity of our Ohana, and VERY honored to call this group my HSK FAMILY."


We were able to donate $3566.56 to help Hawaii's hungry enjoy a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!  Many thanks to all who helped. Special thanks to our Stephens family, who donated TWICE!!  LOVE YOU ALL!!!


OSU to all our donors for your dedication, generosity, and support!!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!!



HSK Food Bank Donors (alphabetically)
Ayano, Keith Baker, Kevin & family
Brown, Emi China, Todd
Cho, Tayven Choy, Mel
Enomoto, Elsa Hokutan, Weylin & family
Ikeda, Ray Kaopuiki, Valeria & family
Kunihisa, Ryan Lau, Alyssa
Lau, Clifford & Gayle Martini, Linda
Miyamoto, Tara & family Oda, Ann
Oshiro, Scott Oshiro, Treyjan
Palmeira, Travis & family Reynolds, Alan & Tracy
Romero, Ramon & Cassie Sawai, Susan & family
Sekiguchi, Alan & Paula Stephens, Daniel
Stephens, Christine Takashima, David & family
Toma, Austin Toma, Jacqueline
Toyama, Remy & Family White, James and family
Yonamine, Allison & family  

Alyssa Lau and Phillip

Ann Oda and Family

Austin Toma
The Romero Family

The Takashima Family

Elsa Enomoto & Family

Emi Brown & Family

Keith Ayano & "Family"

Linda Martini & Family

The Stephens Family

Susan Sawai & Family

Tara Miyamoto & Family

Jacqueline Toma

Travis and Chance Palmeira

Valeria and Malcolm Kaopuiki

The White Family

The Yonamine Family

Senpais Alan and Tracy

Senpai Cliff and Gayle

Senpai Mel and Ellen
Senpai Ray & Family

Senpai Remy and Family

Senpai Scott and Treyjan

Senpai Todd & Family

Sensei and Aunty Paula

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