Seki no Kyukyoku                         created and performed by Alan Sekiguchi

Stated Sensei, "Shotokan karate, in short, is the most progressive and effective karate style in the world!  Although its fighting syle (kumite) is second to none, its lack of progress in the development of new kata has concerned me.  All great Shotokan fighters are also great Shotokan kata performers, indicating that kata and kumite work hand-in-hand in enhancing one's fighting prowress.  I created Seki no Kyukyoku  (Sekiguchi's Ultimate) to fill the void that I felt existed, mixing powerful techniques and low stances with soft and graceful movements.  This kata was performed the night that I received the Elgin Heinz Outstanding Teacher Award for Humanities from the United States-Japan Foundation in May of 2013.