SCHOLARS -- S1 '18 -'19  

          HSK continually encourages our younger members to do well in school as well as at home, and to embrace our vision of developing respectful, responsible, and contributing members of our community.  We are adding yet another incentive for our youngsters to reach for this goal.  Aside from our very successful "Superstar" program, where elementary students focus on behavior, attitude, and respect,  we are introducing our "Scholars" program for our middle and high school students.  Here our focus shifts from social excellence to academic excellence!


         The following students have earned the title of "HSK Scholar," having trained consistently and regularly at the dojo and receiving a 3.5 or higher GPA on their 1st semester report card.  The number in parentheses next to their name(s) represents the number of consecutive semesters that they have earned this distinction.  These students represent the best of the best at HSK, moving from "Superstar" to "Scholar" status seamlessly!  CONGRATULATIONS TO AMBER ROMERO and RYLYNN TOYAMA!!!




Amber Romero and Rylynn Toyama -- HSK's 1st Semester Scholars!

Amber (1) -- 4.0 Semester 1 GPA!

Honor Roll!

Amber (3rd kyu) executing a side thrust kick (yoko geri kekomi)

Amber with proud Mom Cassie

Rylynn (1) -- 3.57 Semester 1 GPA!

Honor Roll!

Perfect Attendance!

Rylynn executing back-fist strike (uraken) from kibadachi stance!

Rylynn with proud Mom Remy

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