Our very own Emi Brown has graduated from Kapiolani Community College (UH Systems) with an Associate in Science degree in Accounting!!!

What's the big deal?  Well, Emi accomplished this at the spry age of 45, proving that she has dedicated herself to life-long learning!!!

         From the first day that Emi stepped into the "dojo" on Zoom (that's right, ZOOM!), Sensei and your Senpais knew that she was destined for success!  Emi has been an inspiration to ALL who train AND watch her, an example of the "perfect" student!!  She came to us with a strong mind, and because of her "never give up" attitude, has developed an equally strong body!!! 

          We commend her on her outstanding achievement in college AND in the dojo, and congratulate her with a loud, long, and heartfelt OOOSSU!!!







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