SUPERSTARS  Q4, '22-'23

Our awesome HSK Superstars continue to shine brightly this school year!!  Their focus and determination to do well, please their parents, and astound Sensei and their Senpais has NOT gone unnoticed! 


The last quarter of this school year brought 6 superstars into the spotlight, four of them from our white belt class!  Hopefully, we'll see more superstars added to this list on the next go-around!


Malcolm leads this group with two straight quarters as a Superstar!  The number after the name is the number of consecutive times each has won the award.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

        Photos by Todd China

Our Superstars smile proudly with their prizes!

Malcolm Kaopuiki (2)

Clara Tran (1)

Asher Isa (1)

Simone Reid (1)

Apsley Goddard (1)

Aden Kwan (1)

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