SUPERSTARS  2019 - 2020 (Q1)

         Our awesome HSK Superstars continue to shine brightly into the new school year!  Their focus and determination to do well, please their parents, and astound their Senpais has NOT gone unnoticed, as they continue to claim their rewards! This quarter HSK had a record-breaking 17 Superstars!!  We look forward to breaking MORE records this school year.

         HSK's members and parents know and understand our vision and focus on developing our children into respectful, responsible, and contributing members of our community.  To this end, students are required to have their teachers complete a quarterly school report to ensure that they are working toward these goals.  Teachers rate them on behavior, respect, and self-discipline.  In Sensei's words, "We don't expect them to be geniuses.  We DO expect them to be 'normal'!"

         The following students have earned the title of "HSK Superstar," having received a rating of "Excellent" (E) in all three categories.  The number in parentheses next to their names represents the number of consecutive school quarters that they have earned this distinction.  These students represent the best of the best at HSK!  CONGRATULATIONS! 


        Photos by Myles Ushio

Our Quarter 1 Superstars smile proudly at their AWESOMENESS!

Maya (14)

Heian Yondan

Mae (2)

Shuto-uke (Knife-hand block)

Paige (2)

Kiba-dachi (Straddle-leg stance)

Parker (2)


Ava (1)

Gedan Barai (Down block)

Kaia (1)


Tayven (1)


Caleb (1)

Age-uke (Up block)

Greg (1)

Gyaku-zuki (Reverse punch)

Nalani (1)

Oi-zuki (Lunge punch)

Brian (1)


Clara (1)


Kyra (1)


Brooke (1)


Po'aihala (1)


Angelina (1)


Rianna (1)


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