HSK continually encourages our younger members to do well in school as well as at home, and to embrace our vision of developing respectful, responsible, and contributing members of our community. 


         The beginning of this school year brought us five scholars this quarter!

The following students have earned the title of "HSK Scholar," having received at least a 3.5 GPA on their 1st quarter report card.  These students represent the best of the best at HSK, moving from "Superstar" to "Scholar" status seamlessly!  CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!!


Destiny Pulido   3.571 GPA

Brent Takashima   3.583 GPA  

Rylynn Toyama   4.0 GPA

Kyra Tran   3.571 GPA

 Jessica White   3.714 GPA


'21-'22 Q1 HSK Scholars

Destiny Pulido

Roosevelt High School

 3.571 GPA

Brent Takashima

Iolani School

3.583 GPA

Rylynn Toyama

Roosevelt High School

4.0 GPA

Kyra Tran
Punahou School

 3.571 GPA

Jessica White

Kalani High School

 3.714 GPA

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