Photos by:  Aren Kaneshiro, Elizabeth Valleriani, Myles Ushio, Alan Reynolds, Susan Sawai, and Cassie Romero

Remy Toyama
Most Inspirational
Cassie Romero
Member of the Year
Remy Toyama and Cassie Romero -- Well-Derserved Winners!!
"These two have made their marks in HSK history!", stated a proud Sensei.
HSK and SKIF instructors gather before the competition.
The Wong family -- ready to do their best!
Susan and daughter Ciena always ready to help!
Kylie Lahoe Troy Yuen
Christopher White Aparna Datta
Nicolas Valleriani Lucas Valleriani
Ruby Datta James White
Yellow Belt Kata Winners!
And the winners are ...
Yellow Belt Kihon Winners!
Brielle Rola Hawaiki Cotton
Phoebe Lin Tayven Cho
Austin Seibold Dwight Lin
Perry Valleriani Tanakas Relax!
Austin and Zachary battle it out in Heian Shodan
Youth Blue Belt Kata Winners!
Adult Blue Belt Kata Winners!
Amber Romero Carly Kaneshiro
Rylynn Toyama Noah Hanohano
Ciena Swafford Ereyn Iwamoto
Olivia Wong Cassie Romero
Chance Lee Craig Rae
Crystal Payanal David Takashima
Dawn Pang Christine Hanohano
Kalei Keanu Annette Wong
Karen Dote Rafe MacAtee
Wes Zane ZZ Riford
Jaxon and Olivia show their "Stuff"!
Youth Colored Belt Kata Winners!
Adult Colored Belt Kata Winners!
Brown Belt  Kata Winners!
Black Belt Kata Winners!
1- Step Kumite!
Austin and Carly
Brielle and Brent
Ethan and Austin
Greg and Kaeo
Brielle and Hawaiki
Greg and Maya
Brent and Tayven
Carly and Olivia
Dwight and Olivia
Matt and Amanda
1-Step Blue Belt Winners!
 1-Step Advanced Winners!
Free-Style Kumite
Ciena vs Bubba
Bubba vs Landon
Ciena vs Amber
Dylan vs Jaxon
Bubba vs Christian
Ereyn vs Jaxon Landon vs Noah
Teresa vs Crystal
Teresa vs Karen
Chance vs David
Chance vs Kalei David vs Craig
Pali vs David
Brian vs Norman
Rafe vs Randall
Rafe vs Todd
Randall vs Myles
Scott vs Les
Randall vs Scott
Youth Colored Belt Kumite Winners!
Adult Male Kumite Winners!
Adult Female Kumite Winners!
Black Belt Kumite Winners!


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Wht/Yel Kata Ruby Datta Nicolas Valleriani Christopher White
8-10 Blue Kata Brielle Rola Brent Takashima Phoebe Lin
11+ Blue Kata Austin Seibold Dwight Lin Matt Matsumoto
Youth Color Kata Rob Rmiochy Keisha Pettaway Carly Kaneshiro
Adult Color Kata ZZ Riford Paliku'i Grant David Takashima
Brown Kata Rafe MacAtee Ciena Swafford Karen Dote
Black Kata Scott Oshiro Les Nishikawa Randall Monaghan
Wht/Yel Kihon Ruby Datta Christopher White James White
Youth 1-Step Kumite Brielle Rola Brent Takashima Kaeo Grant
Adult 1-Step Kumite Olivia Wong Matt Matsumoto Carly Kaneshiro
Youth Kumite Landon Momohara Bubba Shea-Park Ciena Swafford
Adult Female Kumite Karen Dote Teresa Tanaka Christine Hanohano
Adult Male Kumite David Takashima Paliku'i Grant Chance Lee
Black Male Kumite Randall Monaghan Scott Oshiro Norman Odani

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