HSK TOURNEY   May 4, 2019


Photos by:  Elizabeth Valleriani, BJ Choi, Myles Ushio, Noah Hanohano, and others

Sensei introduces this year's
award winners!
Clifford Lau -- Member of the Year
with last year's winner Alan Reynolds!
Ruby Datta -- Member of the Year
with Alan Reynolds!
Alan Reynolds --Most Inspirational
with last year's winner Scott Oshiro!!
This year's well-deserved winners of HSK's two most prestigeous awards --
Member of the Year and Most Inspirational!


White, Yellow, and Blue Belts!
Nalani Madrillejos Manoa Dojo
Rynn Toyama Manoa Dojo
Kaia Chang Manoa Dojo
Mae Matsumoto -- Manoa Logan Hao -- Kaneohe
Brooke Yamamoto Kaneohe Dojo
Aven Kim Kaneohe Dojo
Ian Yamamoto Kaneohe Dojo
Rianna Zhang -- Manoa Po'aihala Yokoyama -- Kaneohe
Micah Kim -- Kaneohe Dustin Hao -- Kaneohe
CJ  White Manoa Dojo
Kent Yamamoto Kaneohe Dojo
Aven vs. Nalani 
Logan vs. Brooke 
Logan vs. Ian 
Erina vs. Yamato 
Gage vs. Jessica 
Ian vs. Rynn 
Mae vs. Kaia 
Rianna vs. Angelina 
Rianna vs. Jessica 

Green Belts
Aparna Datta Manoa Dojo
Austin Romero Manoa Dojo
Brent Takashima Manoa Dojo
Greg Lippert Manoa Dojo
Hawaiki Cotton Manoa Dojo
Kylie Lahoe Manoa Dojo
Maya Matsumoto Manoa Dojo
Paige Choi Manoa Dojo
Parker Choi Manoa Dojo
Tayven Cho Manoa Dojo
Peyton Choi -- Manoa Myra Pacubas -- Manoa
Genevieve Hao Kaneohe Dojo
Kaeo Grant Manoa Dojo
Mike Ng -- Manoa Reuben Chock -- Manoa
Kelsey Sugai -- Kaneohe Dojo
James vs. Kent
Mike vs. Kaeo
Peyton vs. Myra

Purple Belts
Addison Oshiro Aiea Dojo
Christian Tomita Manoa Dojo
Joy Oshiro Aiea Dojo
Bubba Shea-Quinlan -- Manoa Landon Oshiro -- Aiea
David Takashima Manoa Dojo
Rylynn Toyama Manoa Dojo
Matthew Matsumoto Manoa Dojo
Nelson Oshiro Aiea Dojo
Ruby Datta Manoa Dojo
Sandi Kanemori Manoa Dojo
David vs. Bubba
Joy vs. Sandi 
Pali vs. Matt 
Purple kata competition complete! 


1-Step Kumite
Free-Style Kumite

White/Yellow Belt Kata Winners (youth) 
White/Yellow Belt Kata Winners (older) 
Green/Purple Belt Kata Winners (youth)
Green Belt Kata (adults) 
Purple Belt Kata (adults) 
White/Yellow Belt Kihon (youth)
White/Yellow Belt Kihon (older)
Blue/Green Belt 1-Step Kumite Winners
Free-Style Kumite Winners (youth)
Green Free-Style Kumite (female)
Purple Free-Style Kumite (females)
Purple Free-Style Kumite (males)

Think you're tough, eh?
The family that trains together ...
... wins ...
... and stays together!!!

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Wht/Yel Kata (youth) Brooke Yamamoto Ian Yamamoto Aven Kim
Wht/Yel Kata (adult) Erina Yokoyama Rianna Zhang Jessica White
Color Kata (youth) Christian Tomita Kylie Lahoe Brent Takashima
Green Kata Kelsey Sugai Genevieve Hao Kaeo Grant
Purple Kata David Takashima Ruby Datta Nelson Oshiro
Wht/Yel Kihon (youth) Ian Yamamoto Kaia Chang Logan Hao
Wht/Yel Kihon (adult) Rianna Zhang Nine Masunaga Jessica White
1-Step Kumite (youth) Hawaiki Cotton Parker Choi CJ White
Youth Kumite Greg Lippert Austin Romero Tayven Cho
Green Kumite (female) Kelsey Sugai Genevieve Hao Myra Pacubas
Green Kumite(male) James White Kaeo Grant Michael Ng
Purple Kumite (female) Joy Oshiro Christine Hanohano Rylynn Toyama
Purple Kumite (male) David Takashima Paliku'i Grant Nelson Oshiro

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