SKIF Goodwill Tournament June 25, 2006 (Page 1)

Congratulations to all the HSK warriors that participated in the SKIF Goodwill Tournament.  Everyone shined and the results were outstanding.  We went  home with ten first place trophies,  ten second place trophies, and five third place trophies.  And thank you to all the parents for the wonderful support.


(all of the trophies are for kata except where noted)

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following pictures by Eric Wauke


Jasmine Reynolds 2nd, Courtney Oshiro 1st,

Samantha Shizuru 3rd

Emilie Nakashone 1st 


Jayna-Lei Wakatake 2nd

Stacy Oshiro 2nd, Denise Nakasone 1st

Tracy Reynolds 2nd, Susan Murata 1st,

Teresa Sakata 3rd

Allison Yamashiro 2nd

Rachel Uemoto 2nd, Alyssa Lau 1st

Hayden Fobel 1st

Lilly Kato 3rd, Eloise Aguiar 1st

Glenn Keohokapu 1st

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