Tournament Events Information


  All tournament participants may enter two events.  The events are listed below.  Everyone is eligible for a kata event and one kihon or kumite event. Eligibility is determined by rank for the kihon and kumite events.

 All events may be divided into divisions by gender, rank and/or age.


  Kata  All Belt Levels
    Elimination -Kata competition against another contestant where the head judge selects the kata to perform.  Flags will be used to determine winners.

Finals - Individual kata using a point system for judging.

Katas performed should be appropriate to the contestant's rank i.e. color belts should not attempt black belt level katas.

  Kihon  White and Yellow Belt ( 10th kyu and below)

Each contestant will compete using basic techniques (oi-zuki, age-uke, ude-uke, uchi-uke, gedan-barai, shuto-uke - front stance) against another contestant.  Techniques will be executed moving forward and backwards.

  Kumite - One Step  Blue Belt (9th and 8th kyu)

Attacker - one each jodan oi-zuki, left and right.

Counter Attacker - age-uke then counter with a reverse punch.


Attacker - one each chudan oi-zuki, left and right.

Counter Attacker - ude-uke then counter with a reverse punch.


Each contestant will be an attacker and counter attacker, switching roles after one side completes all attacks.

  Kumite - Freestyle  Green Belt and above  (7th kyu and above)
    Elimination matches are shobu ippon, one minute periods (one point or two half points).

Final matches are shobu sanbon, two minute periods (three points or six half points).