Frequently Asked Questions


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Q1.  What is the youngest age that will be accepted by HSK? 

Age five.  Students need to have sufficient attention and physical abilities.  We have found that at age five most children are physically and mentally prepared for our classes.  


Q2.   Why should I or my child take karate?

Karate promotes self-discipline, respect for others, self control, self confidence, focus, and provides excellent exercise for all levels of expertise, age and gender. HSK kids are generally happy,  focused, and self motivated individuals. 


Q3.  Why should I take Karate from your organization rather than another? 

HSK teaches traditional Shotokan Karate using modern teaching methods.  What is taught is the classic Shotokan Karate kihon (basics), kata (forms) and kumite (sparring).  


Sekiguchi Sensei has over 55 years of experience as a karate instructor and practitioner.  He was also, by profession, a high school teacher.  The club was founded by him in 1983 and celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2013.


Furthermore HSK is very family oriented with integrated classes of all ages and gender.  Parents learn together with their children to promote a very special bonding of sport and family.   This is further reinforced by our annual family picnic and club party, our always popular beach training at  Ala  Moana  Beach  Park,  and our Christmas Party.  


Q4.  How often are our new member registrations? 

Twice a year. Our beginners classes start in February and June.  With this twice annual start, we are able to concentrate on the new students, insuring that they learn the various techniques correctly. 


Q5.  Where are you located? 

      Manoa -  Manoa Japanese  Language School (MJLS)


     [Dojo for more information on location]


Q6.  Are the classes divided by age, gender, or rank? 

Classes are grouped by ability.  The beginners classes are generally for white and some yellow belts who need elemental instruction.  The General Class is for Yellow, Blue, Green and Purple Belt Ranks.  The Advanced Class is geared for Brown and Black Belts.  Gender and age are not deciding factors. 


Q7.  I have no previous training in any martial art or sport.  Can I learn karate? 

 Yes.  Shotokan Karate is an excellent sport to learn at HSK without any previous experience.  It often times is better not to have previous knowledge so one does not have a preconceived idea of Karate and its moves. 


Q8.  How often should a person train? 

Regular training is extremely important.    Manoa, our main dojo, offers training three days per week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and on Saturday afternoons.  We encourage all of our students to train as often as they can.

Sekiguchi Sensei  : "anyone unable or unwilling to train at least twice a week should wait until they are able to make that commitment."


Q9.  How good a physical workout is Karate? 

Most HSK workouts are as strenuous as you would like them to be.  Since we teach in an incremental manner, the exercise for the beginnerís class is specifically tailored for the beginning student (child or adult).  Most beginners find the workout very invigorating and generally without too many aches and pains.  The more advanced classes are quite vigorous in training and push the strength, flexibility, aerobic and technique limits. 


Q10.  Is Karate an expensive sport?  How much is the equipment? 

Aside from the initial cost of the uniform, Karate is quite inexpensive.  The uniforms (gi) cost from $20 to $25.  We recommend that our students purchase an inexpensive gi to begin with and move to the more expensive and better constructed giís as they advance.  With pads, gloves, etc. one can easily get started for well under $50.  


Q11.  How long will it take me to get my Black Belt? 

HSK subscribes to the philosophy that all belt levels must be achieved through hard work.  Time is not the only measurement of achieving any belt level.  Hard work and perseverance are  key elements for advancement.  Through diligence, hard work, and regular training, many of our students achieve the Dan Certificate (Black Belt) in about five years.  Be reminded that there are no guarantees. 

Sekiguchi Sensei has said many times, ďThe belt does not make the person.  It is the person that makes the belt. Ē 


Q12.  What is Hawaii  Shotokan Karate all about? 

HSKís philosophy is best described in itís Dojo Kun (the precepts of the Club).   

        Seek Perfection of Character 

        Be Faithful 


        Respect Others

        Refrain from Violent Behavior 



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