About Us

Vision: To develop a respectful, responsible, and contributing member of our community. 
Goal: To provide quality karate instruction at a reasonable price.  
History: Hawaii Shotokan Karate first opened its doors in June 1983 at Noelani Elementary School in Manoa Valley. After an impressive karate career, Sensei Alan Sekiguchi felt that it was time for his 5-year-old daughter, Remy, to begin reaping the incredible benefits that karate had to offer. The first class included his father, Thomas, who out of curiosity, decided to give karate a try at the spry age of 67. Prior to his passing, "Pop", a second-degree black belt, was one of HSK’s staunchest supporters. 

HSK quickly grew, with beginner classes starting every three months. A year later the Kaneohe dojo opened. The Aiea dojo opened in December 1989 to meet the demand from Leeward karate enthusiasts, and the Kaimuki dojo opened in June 1993 to relieve the large classes at the Manoa headquarters. 

After 31 years at Noelani, HSK Manoa moved classes to the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii (JCCH) and Shinshu Kyokai Mission (SKM). Following over two years of training on Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be reopening at a new location, the Manoa Japanese Language School in April of 2022.

Since 1983, picnics, Christmas parties, beach trainings, and other family gatherings have served to build enthusiasm and allegiance amongst dojo members. The club also stresses the importance of good conduct and progress in school. “Our instructors agree wholeheartedly with HSK’s vision,” Sensei said, “to develop a respectful, responsible, and contributing member of our community.”

Methodology: The success of HSK can be attributed to Sensei’s unique training techniques, which enable students to understand the dynamics of martial arts, not just its physical movements. “When I learned karate, we were just told to punch and kick as fast and as hard as we could,” Sensei explained. Knowing there was a better way, he developed his own teaching style now familiar to all HSK students. 

This teaching method includes tests and tournaments, which help set goals and give students a sense of achievement. Annual club tournaments have been held since 1983, and the HSK “warriors” have earned hundreds of trophies and medals from local, national, and international competitions. These include participation in the National Karate Federation’s Junior Olympics competition, and trips to Maui and Las Vegas, all with stunning results.