My Karate Journey with HSK

Anecdote Written by Tracy Reynolds

          My husband, Senpai Alan, and I joined HSK for the beginner class in June of 2004.  We joined because our daughter, Jasmine started in the beginner class prior to that and we thought it would be fun for the family to have something to do together.  We agreed with HSK’s mission and vision, and while raising our daughter, karate gave our family many conversations of commonality and similar goals to strive for, being one another’s cheerleader.  We trained hard and during the many days of diligent training we were able to move up the ranks to earn our colored belts, making new friends and lasting memories along the way.  Long story short, we were hooked and on fire for karate!

          Fast forward to year 2015, my karate journey has come full circle over the past 10 plus years.  I’ve started at “the beginning” again when I earned a black belt rank of Shodan in 2011.  It’s been especially awesome that I’ve made it this far, together with my husband – Alan Reynolds.  With Sensei and the Senpais’ guidance, we continue to push our limits and encourage one another to be the best we can be, so we can in turn help teach our students to do the same. I plan to learn, train and teach as long as my mind and body lets me. 

          Through my journey, Sensei and the Senpais have been so inspiring, so giving and so instrumental to get me where I am today in the art of karate.  Having a strong leader and devoted instructors with great camaraderie of the club’s members, strengthens the life of the club.  As a Senpai with HSK, I hope to be just like them when I grow up!

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