HSK is always looking for ways to improve, whether it be socially, instructionally, or administratively.  Fortunately, much of the feedback from our Ohana has been quite positive, and often surprising!  Here are a few heart-felt anecdotes from our members and instructors.  Check here often, as we will be adding others to this collection.

* - updated 2023

The Odas

The Romeros

The Watanabes

The Iwamotos

  The Swaffords

Sensei & wife Paula

Senpai Mel & Ellen

Senpai Scott & Family

 Senpai Todd & Family

Senpai Eloise &
Senpai Randall

 Senpai Brian & Family

Senpai Alan &
Senpai Tracy

 Senpai Ray & Family

Senpai Myles & Family

Senpai Cliff & wife Gayle

 The Dattas

The Stephens

Linda Martini & Family

 Senpai Remy & Family

Emi Brown

The Romeros

Rynn Toyama

Jessie & CJ

The Takashimas

Tara Miyamoto & Family

Elsa Enomoto & Family

The Whites