Tara, Dylan and Family

By Tara Miyamoto

          My son and I started taking classes at HSK six months ago.  At first, I registered my son, thinking that it would be good discipline for him.  On the first of tryouts, I was encourage by Senpai Cliff to do the free trial, and I’m so glad I did!  It was the beginning of an amazing experience that I could share with my son.

             Karate has improved my self-discipline and focus.  Before karate, I would always tell myself I would start exercising.  Tomorrow would come and I would go the entire day making excuses for NOT exercising.  I was tired and out of shape, stressed from work and raising a family.  Karate was a blessing in disguise, forcing me NOT to be lazy.  I’ll always remember when Sensei said, “People need a coach to tell you what to do.  You don’t do 20 push-ups at home by yourself!”

            Karate is exactly what I needed at this moment in my life.  I have learned so many new things in such a short period of time, and I owe that all to the amazing Sensei and Senpais who have been there to mentor us every step of the way.

            My son, Dylan, has always been an energetic and playful child.  So much so, that he would get into trouble at school.  We would try everything to work on his behavior – timeout, talking to him, rewards, and punishments.  These things would work temporarily, but then he would get into mischief again. 

            Karate has made a significant difference in his behavior.  He is now more calm, controlled, and self-disciplined.  The school reports that are required by HSK is a wonderful initiative for students.  My husband and I both credit HSK for the positive changes we have seen in him.

            I am so grateful to Sensei Alan and each and every Senpai (Remy, Tracy, Alan, Scott, Ray, Todd, and Cliff); they motivate and inspire every student in class.  Their dedication to karate is truly remarkable and something I will continue to strive for.

Tara Miyamoto


By Dylan Nguyen  -- 'How Karate Helped Me'

           Karate helped me by changing my behavior and making me have discipline.  Karate also helped me to behave better in school.  I love karate because it helps me learn and participate in school. 

           Karate wanted us to refrain from violent behavior and to respect others.  My favorite thing about karate is having a perfect punch and good stance.  Another thing I like about karate is that I like the Christmas party.  I hope I have a better future and continue karate.

Dylan Nguyen


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