Rynn Toyama

My two times I trained helped me be strong-minded and more wary. My first-time training was very difficult for my 5 year old self although I did try my hardest. My first-time training, I made it up to blue belt before the pandemic hit. I was in the same class as Jessie (that she mentioned on Thursday).

I quit karate until we got to go to the dojo that we train in which was here at the Manoa Japanese School. When I came back from the pandemic, I found out that it was a little bit easier because I was older and was better at listening. I was happy to get to go back to Karate with my preschool friend Chance Palmiera and Senpai Todd’s son, Colton China.

I’ve learned that Sensei’s saying is correct that “Karate might be the hardest thing you do in your life.” Which brings me to the present where I am happily training with my remaining classmates, learning from Pops/Sensei. Karate really changed my life from sitting on a couch to working hard every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

I also want to thank the Senpais and Sensei for coaching me along this journey. I will try my best to improve my Karate skills and to be a good listener from now on. The end.

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