By Emi Brown


Anecdote by Emi Brown

I have always had a slight interest in learning martial arts since childhood, and my interest grew over the years. I finally decided to pursue one of my wish lists at age 44.

The training was done on zoom when I joined the Hawaii Shotokan Karate in March 2021. The common assumption about the virtual setting was that it might not be suitable for learning Karate as in-person training, but I had substantial training experience. I was fortunate to have high-quality one-on-one training on zoom from every Senpai who has a different teaching skill to guide me with insightful training and instruction. Sensei, who has remarkable Karate mastering experiences, would always visit during the session and provide thorough assessment and guidance on my improvement. I sweat harder as the training progresses on zoom and the in-person at the dojo at a greater level. I love the positive energy throughout the dojo and being surrounded and inspired by every Karate enthusiast.

I am always filled with gratitude for Sensei and Senpais for their genuine dedication to teaching us Karate. I may not be able to become an Olympian or professional martial artist as I wish, but I always imagine myself training like the one. My mental has gotten more robust after being with the HSK for learning to push when I feel the limits mentally and physically. I feel empowered to do anything I set my

mind to by the valuable training that Sensei and Senpais provide, and I will continue to thrive and evolve with the HSK.


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