My HSK Story – Brian Dote

            A few years ago I ran the marathon without having run a single day in over a year. No training, no preparation. I wanted to prove that is was possible to wake up one morning, strap on some shoes, and run 26.2 miles. I thrive on challenges and this is why I love karate. For me, karate is one of the only things I can do that pushes me to the edge both physically and mentally.

             I love finding my boundaries so that I can work on pushing beyond them. Karate gives me this opportunity. The 2 hour trainings at UH allow me to take it to the edge each week, and see if I can take just another step beyond it. I reach the edge and see if I can throw just one more punch, or snap just one more kick. I love it. As they say, if you want to live life on the cutting edge, you need to be willing to bleed.

             To me, karate is like climbing a mountain so high, the top is invisible … it’s hiding in the clouds. Each time you crest a peak or round a corner and think you’ve made it, you realize there’s another peak to climb. While each step brings you closer, you realize that karate has no final destination. It’s all about the journey. But like any epic journey, there are those farther up ahead that can help guide and mentor you. And if you turn around to look back, there are those behind you that you can help get to where you are.

             To be honest, originally I didn’t intend on joining karate. I signed up Kaitlyn who had just turned 5 at the time but she was so intimidated and shy that I ended up taking the class with her to keep her company. From that moment on, I fell in love. 5 years later, I’m still in love with karate and can’t imagine life without it. This is my cutting edge, and I’m more than willing to bleed.

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