The White Family

By Jessica White

Karate means a lot to me in different ways. It’s impacted my life and how I chose to be today.

 I joined karate when I was in 4th grade with my family. I didn’t continue after the three month trial because it didn’t feel like my thing. I knew it was going to be hard for me, which I look back on and realize that it was immaturity that led me to discontinuing. However, that was the first sport I tried out, and I was trying to find a sport I liked. 

 A year later, I joined a class, at a dance company. I took a tumbling class in the summer, then got into rhythmic gymnastics and found my passion; dance. My dad and Cj would still go on with karate, as I went to gymnastics. I’d come to the picnics, parties, etc. with them, I was glad they found something to do together. 

 n the middle of 7th grade, my parents were flooded with principal emails about suspicious behavior around my school. My parents were worried, and so was I. That’s when they suggested I should try karate again so I know how to defend myself. I thought about the pros and cons of joining again. It was inevitable that I was going to join because I was more mature. I knew that if I stuck with it, I'd like it more since it’s been years since I tried so why not try again? This would also mean I got to spend more time with my dad and brother. The downside would be the balance between school, gymnastics, and karate. That would be a lot for me, but I knew I could handle it. 

 Before I knew it, I’m in the beginner’s class with Rynn, in my gei and white belt. Three days a week for an hour, plus an hour and a half of gymnastics on the same Saturday as karate. I’d go to both practices with some downtime in between. Eventually, I got adjusted to everything. I did those two sports for over a year, and it made me learn how to manage my time wisely. As time went on, 8th grade came around and was the toughest school year I’ve encountered. It was difficult because I would miss karate practices so I could study or do homework. Part of the stress was also gymnastics so I decided to quit. I had a couple months of (somewhat) peace with karate and school, until the covid hit. 

 2020 comes around, and the pandemic comes. We’re doing karate on zoom and it kept me going when I was depressed. I will admit, zoom was a lot of fun. It was so easy to put on a gei, pull out a laptop, and sign on. We got bunnies during the pandemic, so my mom and sister would come outside and have them out. I loved taking “bunny breaks.” When we had a water break, I’d go to my bunnies and pet them real quick then go back. It would be funny when one of them would be eating food and looking right at us as we practice and we try not to laugh. 

 We also had a little entourage too when we practiced in the garage. Our neighbor’s cat, Poyo, would come to each practice to sit by us and watch. Sometimes he would meow at us and try to make conversation. Sometimes he would block our way and lay down where we were. I definitely missed him being there during practice. 

 After zoom, we were back at the dojo and it was so exciting to be back. Before the pandemic, I’d only really talk to my dad or cj. A couple months after zoom, I became more friendly. I’m now close friends with my “chefs,” Lynn, Ciena, Destiny, Emma, and of course, can’t forget about CJ. 

 Karate makes me very focused and gives me intensity. I always thought and still do, think I take  karate very seriously, but I found fun in it too. Karate also made me improve my asthma a lot. My conditioning is a lot better than it was years ago, which also helps me in dance. Last year, I finally came back to in-person school, and I found out that I love my dance class. I found that the intensity I bring from karate to dance helped a lot. Both karate and dance helped me improve my physical strength and ability. 

 Karate led me to my gymnastics, but also taught me to have fun, friendships, and improved my physical and mental capabilities. 


By CJ White

6 years ago me and the rest of my family (except dad) started going to a karate club.I was the only one who continued for a while longer before I eventually quit as well. Later on I came back the hsk along with my dad and started over. “This will be the hardest thing you’ll ever do in your life”. Sensei wasn’t kidding when he said that.

Dad’s cancer
Later when dad got hit with cancer, he was  still going to hsk which also was when Jessica started coming again. Dad got better and had his stomach removed from his body. It’s pretty awesome that he survived and I’m glad that he is.

A few years later, Me, my father, and Jessie were all doing pretty good in karate until Covid hit. But that didn’t stop us from doing karate. We started to do zooms with some of our friends in karate and it continued to grow and evolve into something more than just a zoom. It was like an online dojo with everyone but my past self wasn’t that interested in the zoom meetings so I quit for a while because it really wasn’t the same.

Aftermath of Covid
When the pandemic died down, hsk had found a place to do training there. But we had lost a lot of members from the pandemic so I had came back to try see if I wanted to keep training. It was pretty easy to find out that I wanted to keep going. I’m grateful that I have such great people that are kindhearted.



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