Linda Martini with family

By Linda Martini


IA “Novel”:

Sorry for the novel! I’ve wanted to learn karate for a long time but haven’t had the time until now. I’ve only been going for 7 months, but I enjoy it so much!

There are many amazing things about HSK, but the main gem is Sensei. Being taught by him feels like something Super special. Here is a guy who has practiced the art of karate for longer than I have been alive! He moves with such speed and a deadly grace that is so cool to watch. His teaching style is firm and fair, and his explanations of techniques are so thorough. He is truly an inspiration. To have that strength and agility at his age, it shows that karate can be a life-long endeavor.

Then there’s the Senpais. They are an amazing group of people who are also masters of the craft. They are so helpful, generous with their time, and patient to correct my constant little (and big) mistakes. They also make me chuckle at the ridiculous things I do sometimes. The support they give the club is immense.

Overall, I am much fitter and stronger than when I started. There’s one other surprising element that makes me come back class after class. It is simply stepping through the dojo doors and becoming a student. I leave behind the worries of adult life, the constant chatter and questions at home from my three kids, and all the mental noises of never-ending to-do lists. It’s so liberating to give yourself over to these incredibly talented individuals to watch, listen and learn, and forget about everything else happening outside the dojo for an hour.

It’s truly an incredible package, gaining the skills, having the support, the strength training and meditation. I’m so thankful for HSK, Sensei, and the Senpais for making it what it is!


Linda Martini


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