The Stephens Family



Annecdote from Dan and Christine Stephens

Grace, Christine, and myself came to Oahu a year and half ago from the mainland for our work with the Navy. Everything was so chaotic and up in the air. I had a goal to get Grace training in Japanese karate BEFORE she was 9. She needed some stability while we were settling down to our new lives. Christine agreed we ALL needed to train together to encourage her. The funny thing was the stability that Grace needed was actually the stability we ALL needed.

HSK helped our transition. We all had a common goal. We all shared and continue to share. The five principles of Shotokan we carry into our schools and jobs. An added benefit is Grace’s encouragement to excel in school. Sometimes I think that encouragement is like a soft whisper in her ear from Sensei, to try hard and do well.

Being a part of HSK has given us a family of friends, great memories, and awesome goals to accomplish. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you, Sensei, and all the Senpais!

The Stephens Family


Annecdote from Grace Stephens

At first when my family first introduced me to HSK, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to prove myself as a strong girl and to make people think that I’m strong even though I’m short.

HSK has helped me throughout my time on Oahu. It helped me understand that karate isn’t about a ton of strength, it’s about using the mind and body. Not to mention the ongoing command of keeping my pulling hand back. Of course, we still have many adventures at HSK.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Sensei and Senpais!


Grace Stephens

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