" ... A new purpose in life!" by Ruby Datta
(... After 1 month of training!)

This is the best martial arts school in Honolulu!  My 7 year old daughter and I have been training there for 1 month in the beginners class.  Now all we can think of is karate, all that we do is karate, and even when we sleep at night we dream karate! 

HSK has changed my perspective of life entirely.  I have found a new hope in getting healthier and stronger.  HSK has given my life a new purpose.  Thank you to all the Senpais and Sensei for being such an inspiration!”

"This morning i woke up and saw my 7 yr old Aparna's room's light on. I opened her door and saw she is doing something on her study table. When she was finished this is what I saw. She is someone who is touched by Karate in her heart. She included Sensei and Senpai Lau (with glasses, beside Sensei in the back row).


(… After a year and a half.)

How Karate changed my life --

       1.5 years ago I had my last doctor's check-up. I was 190lbs and 5' 4" tall.   My doctor put me in obese category. I did so many things before that trying to lose weight, but nothing worked. At that point I had lost all hope of ever fitting into my old clothes again. Then Aparna joined HSK, Hawaii Shotokan Karate, and the Senpais made me join with her.

      Yesterday I had my doctor's checkup.  She was amazed!  I am now 160 lbs, and she said if I lose 1 more lb I will be in the normal weight category!  No, not even in the over-weight category!  I swear I did nothing in the last 1.5 years except for karate.   I LOST 30 LBS!  I am so grateful to HSK. Thank you to my teachers, my mentors, MY SAVIORS!

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