Little did I know that joining HSK a little over 2 years ago would become such a huge part of not just my life, but my entire family.  We have met some awesome people who have become great friends.  HSK is unique because it allows families to train in the same class together and experience everything together which makes it so much fun to have something in common that we can all relate to.  I don’t believe there is anything as family oriented as HSK!

       On a personal level, it seems like such a strange coincidence that as soon as I joined karate, I started having many health issues.  Instead of my health issues getting the best of me, I looked forward to going to practice and keeping my mind occupied.  No matter how I felt, I didn’t want to miss out on anything not just because of how challenging it is, but also because I take a little longer than most to catch on to the kihons and katas.  I truly believe that if it wasn’t for karate, I don’t know how I would be getting through all the medications and testing that I have done.  One of my doctors was so impressed at how well I was handing everything and kept encouraging me to go to karate as much as possible as she felt that was one of the reasons I was doing so well.  I know she is right about that.  I also find it amazing at what we are capable of doing… competing in tournaments, participating in demonstrations, etc… I am also amazed at how my child is eager to participate in all these events.  I had no idea there was a little competitor in her and it’s wonderful to see!

      I am very thankful to be a part of such a wonderful organization and I realize there was no coincidence for us joining HSK when we did.  It was meant to be!



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