Elsa Enomoto & Family

By Elsa


Perserverance, resilience, patience, positivity.

The reason for joining HSK was I thought it would be a healthy activity to engage my children.  It was something that we could do as a family and we would all be at the same level.  It was my dream that we could train together and learn together as a family unit.  Well, sometimes, dreams don't come true! However, everything happens for a reason and although my children lost interest, to my surprise (as well as sensei and the senpais), I decided to continue.  The shock on their faces when I enrolled as a regular member was apparent.

Initially, my reason for continuing was I made a commitment for three months and I was going to honor it.  When it was time to enroll as a regular member, I debated for days on whether or not I should continue.  Deep down I knew it would be best to continue, however, I had doubts because of my age.  I didn't think my body could physically handle karate.  I was exhausted after every class. I couldn't lift my knee high enough.  I was not flexible enough.  I thought maybe if I started at an earlier age, things would be easier.  All these thoughts were running through my head.  Then it dawned on me that sensei and the senpais are living proof that karate is highly beneficial in so many ways.  I realized that I can't put limitations on myself because of my age or allow myself to listen to negative thoughts.  It may take me longer to learn the art of karate and it's okay!  Keep paracticing, bounce back, slow down and a can-do attitude became my mantra.  The lessons I learned is to be perseverant, be resilient, be patient and be positive and everything will work itself out.

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