February 3, 2022


Welcome to the wonderful world of karate.  You have not only taken a step toward better health, you have also taken a step toward learning something practical and useful.  Rest assured – ANYONE can take and excel in karate.  You don’t have to be an athlete, or be big and strong.  You DO need, however, a strong mind. 

Karate will test your limits and help you expand and exceed them.  This may be the hardest thing you will ever do in your lifetime.  But, it may also be the most rewarding and satisfying!

Our hard-working and dedicated beginners who started their training with HSK through Zoom have done a remarkable job of coping and adjusting through our on-line sessions.  However, they have NOT experienced the true “flavor” of HSK’s teaching charm!  That will have to come when we return to the dojo for in-person training.

New beginners will especially appreciate the videos in this section, as it covers our stretching exercises and each hand technique step-by-step.  This section, although mainly for our new beginners, is NOT restricted to them ONLY.  Our veteran members may also find these videos helpful for reviewing the basic techniques and improving their delivery and effectiveness.

This section takes the new student through basic stretching exercises to readies their body AND mind for the rigorous workout to follow.  They are then taught all the basic hand techniques, including punches, blocks, and strikes.  This is followed by the use and engagement of their legs, hips, and shoulders in generating speed and power.

So, are you ready?  Great, let’s get started!


 Words of caution: 

1)  It is important to note that all exercises should, at first, be done slowly and deliberately … especially if you have not stretched for a while.  As your body begins to accept and adjust to the activity, it is okay to speed up the routine.

2)  DO ALL KARATE TECHNIQUES SLOWLY UNTIL THEY BECOME NATURAL.  Correct technique and delivery path will ensure continued improvements in speed and power.


Beginners - Getting Started