Sensei Alan Sekiguchi

        Sekiguchi Sensei has been in the martial arts for more than 60 years, 55 of those years dedicated to the study of Shotokan karate. He began karate as a freshman at the University of Hawaii in a club called UH Karate Kai, then a branch of the Karate Association of Hawaii. He studied under legendary Japan instructor Tetsuhiko Asai of the Japan Karate Association (JKA), who, up to his passing, had headed the internationally recognized karate organization Japan Karate Shotokai.  After Asai Sensei moved on, Sekiguchi Sensei studied under local martial instructor Kenneth Funakoshi.


          In June of 1983, following an impressive tournament career, Sekiguchi Sensei founded Hawaii Shotokan Karate.  His hope was to instill in his then 5-year old daughter Remy the awesome values of  character, faithfulness, perseverance, respect, and self-control that he had gained through his training.  Four years later, 5-year old son Rylan also accepted the challenge!


         In 2008,  Sekiguchi Sensei was presented with a commendation and congratulations from the Hawaii State Senate for his "commitment to excellence in teaching Shotokan Karate."     Then, in 2012 Sekiguchi Sensei was presented with the national Elgin Heinz Outstanding Teacher Award from the US-Japan Foundation for the many years he dedicated to promoting Japanese culture in the United States.


        January 2017 marked Sensei's 50th year in karate!  Although he has slowed down a bit, Sensei pledges to continue to teach karate, train, and inspire as many as he can for as long as he can!  "Karate has truly become a life-style for me.  Its challenges and  benefits have definitely changed me in an incredibly positive way, and I would like others to experience this amazing transformation too!"


"I look forward to seeing our tradition and legacy continue upon our return to the dojo in 2022."


        His tournaments credits read like a who's who in contest wins. These include:

1968 University of Hawaii Grand Champion

1968 Member, All-US Collegiate Team vs. All-Japan, All-European Teams

1969 University of Hawaii Grand Champion

1969 Member, All-US Collegiate Team vs. All-Japan Collegiate Team

1969 Japan vs. Hawaii, Kumite Grand Champion

1970 All Styles Team Championships, First place kumite

1971 Open Karate Tournament, First place kumite

1971 United Karate Schools of Hawaii Tournament, First place kumite

1972 Thirteenth Annual All-Hawaii Tournament, First place kumite

1972 Kajukenbo Karate Championships, First place kumite

1973 4th Annual Leeward Karate Championships, First place kumite 

1974 San Jose Goodwill Team Championships, First place kumite

1974 Member, All-Hawaii Team vs. All-Mainland Team

1975 Member, All-Hawaii Team vs. All-Mainland Team



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